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about me

I'm a web developer, UI designer and also a 22 year old human.

I've started learning computer programming when I was 10. While visiting a newsagent's a computer magazine grabbed my attention with its cover - I was lured into getting that thing by the promises of some sort of an arcane knowledge of game development. My first programs were all desktop software, written mostly in C# (I've experimented with VB.NET as well). They were simple things, e.g. a digital clock, an app to store notes and a basic word processing software (like Notepad included within Windows, but with even less features). I really enjoyed being able to create something of my own and continued just doing that - making things that were supposed to make my life easier.

At the age of 12 I've created a basic "turtle" app that allowed the user to control that turtle using simple text commands (in Polish). Sadly, I don't have the code anymore, I'm really curious about the quality (or lack thereof) of that code.

While I was happy developing desktop apps, a friend of mine pointed it out how the Internet is becoming a huge thing. I've taken a look at a few websites and realized it could be cool to make things like that. I've learned basic PHP and started making my own websites. My first websites were not really functional and definitely a security nightmare (yay, SQL injection!). I was not aware of any PHP frameworks at that time.

After consuming more online material on the best practices in web development and learning JavaScript my websites started gaining some shape. Not much of it, though, as I didn't know how to design websites - I only could copy from much much more skilled individuals. Through copying other people's designs and looking for design tutorials I was able to teach myself enough web design to get somewhere.

At the age of 15 I got my first paid job. It was a task from a client in the United States. Due to the wishes of that client I can't disclose any other information about that work. Since then I went on doing small things like fixing websites, maintaining servers or helping people out for small amounts of money. (Which were a lot to me back then!)

Since the age of 19 I've been working a regular full-stack development job. I'm maintaining legacy code, developing new products and evaluating new developers. Most of the software I've developed is for internal use and can't be publicly displayed. My publicly available work can be seen below or on my GitHub profile.



html/css ★★★
javascript ★★★
react ★★★
vue ★★☆


node.js ★★★
express.js ★★★
asp.net core ★★☆
symfony ★★☆


react native ★★★
android - java ★★☆
ios - swift ★★☆
ionic ★☆☆


electron ★★☆
c# - wpf ★★☆
c# - winforms ★★☆
java - javafx ★★☆


linux ★★★
bash/zsh ★★★
docker ★★☆
cloud ★★☆


rwd ★★★
team work ★★★
accessibility ★★☆
ui/ux ★★☆


lotos - annual report (2017)

Contract from an advertising agency. I was tasked with developing a custom Wordpress theme (based on input from the agency's designer) along with setting up data entry (XLSX import) and connecting said data to charts.
Technologies utilized: CSS, jQuery, Wordpress
One thing that was made specifically for that project is a script that predicts navigation (based on hover events and history) and preloads webpages before the user decides to navigate to them. This provides the end user with an overall better experience.


Full time job at Bloomga S.A. The job involved fixing bugs, cleaning up the codebase, maintaining Linux servers, improving game logic and creating new features.
This project runs on a legacy codebase, game itself was based on its predecessor and the history of that project spanned nearly a decade. I had to patch and prevent future security vulnerabilities, rewrite huge parts of code and implement new features. One of the tasks also involved migrating the servers from FreeBSD and Apache to Linux and nginx (php-fpm).


3D game built using three.js and React with support for touch and keyboard controls.
Technologies utilized: three.js, TypeScript, React, Redux, WebGL, GLSL


File sharing website that allows direct file transfers between devices using P2P communication (WebRTC).
Technologies utilized: node.js, TypeScript, React, Redux, WebRTC, WebSockets

air quality map

This project involved building an architecture for data storage, a visualization for the data itself and computing predictions based on air quality data. The map was built using React and Leaflet.
Technologies utilized: React, Leaflet, MobX

this website :)

The design, code, animations and the idea are all made by me. Feel free to check the code out using developer tools.
Technologies utilized: JavaScript, CSS, SVG
Designed for accessibility, this website works with JavaScript and CSS disabled - I've even tested it in Lynx and confirmed it works there.
The experience scales with the featureset supported by your browser, there's no "best viewed in" browser though - all modern browsers should render the full experience. Older browsers may show visual glitches or not render some of the animations, but the content will be readable.


TypeScript + HTML5 remake of a classic Windows Vista game.
Technologies utilized: TypeScript, Canvas, matter.js
Textures are intentionally designed to resemble the games of that era.

photo upload

Personal React/TypeScript-based project to share photos.
Technologies utilized: React, TypeScript, node.js

wild west age

I was contracted by Bloomga S.A. to develop the backend software for the game. I also had to come up with an algorithm that calculates the course of a fight within that game. This project is not released yet, although it was presented to public during Poznan Game Arena 2019.
Technologies utilized: node.js, WebSockets

your project?

Contact me at: contact@matsz.dev